All Negotiation Lost

When two blades cross points,

the master swordsman has no need to withdraw  (Tozan – Five Ranks)

The simple truth avoids picking and choosing   (3rd Patriarch – Hsin Hsin Ming)


The water is not broken, the moon does not get wet. (Dogen – Genjo Koan)

The tributary streams flow through the darkness.  (Sandokia – 8th Patriarch)

Where are there any rivulets? (Denkoroku Case 6 – 5th Patriarch)


Old and dear friends meeting face to face. (Denkoroku Case 6 – 5th Patriarch)

Realization is the state of ambiguity itself.   (Dogen – Genjo Koan)

This is beyond all word. (Hsin Hsin Ming)

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