Corporate Rehab

Naming this effort Corporate Rehab serves a double purpose.

First, to acknowledge the perspectives held by those spending their life in white collar jobs have unique challenges when it comes to exiting or transitioning.

Secondly, as a metaphor for examining those perspectives and worldviews. Consider yourself the corporation of Jack or Jill and the multitude of roles you identify with as employees. Like any corporation there is the official org chart and then there is the functioning hierarchy.

Has the VP of marketing over sold you? under sold you?
Is your CFO controlling everything? out of control?
Has a kid seized power in Procurement making everyone miserable?
Has Knowing so trumped Not Knowing that creativity is stifled?
What is the mission?
Is there a strategic plan? tactical plan?
Who actually runs this company?

Through a Zen infused process of facilitation, Corporate Rehab is designed to help you interview the employees and shed light on seemingly intractable situations. Whether it is:

Physical – I have no energy, I have a dis-ease …
Intellectual – There is no way out of …
Emotional – I can’t control my emotions when …
Spiritual – I know I have a greater purpose …

I am always amazed by the wisdom each one of us holds. Once spoken you cannot un-ring the bell; the door is cracked open, light seeps in, choice returns and you are empowered.

I wish to clarify a couple of things:
I am not anti-corporation or business. I am only recognizing that there comes a time for many when the corporate relationship no longer serves us. If you are being well served, carry on.

I also do not consider myself a life coach. My goal is to help you through your current stuck-ness and find your way. I hold no ideas about the outcomes you desire or the route you need take. We each have a unique path and it is not my position to judge yours. It is Zen practice which allows this facilitation to be as clean and ego free as humanly possible.

Please reach out if you think I can help.

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