Paralyzed by Distrust?

Distrust PicA look into Distrust can remove much confusion and frustration.

Distrust creates a hard boundary in the mind, making issues labeled such very hard to work with. Do you work for a company or boss you do not trust?

Distrust is a protection mechanism and is often mis-attributed. You may say you distrust the company, when actually you mean, you trust the company will take care of itself and that may not be good for you.

Doubt can also get labeled as dis-trust. A major component of doubt is not-knowing and as a human-being we want to know, so we see not-knowing as negative.

Doubt however is also full of potential, which allows room for creativity. Rarely is business a certain proposition. Though they may never admit it, doubt is no stranger to your boss or the company as a whole. It has been my experience that business responds favorably to those who take action into uncertainty.

Setting aside your aversion to not-knowing may help you find an outcome you are happier with. A good way to do this is to determine what you know: What information do you have? What information do you need? Who has that information? What is my relevant experience? Do I need to learn something? Do I have the faculties to learn it? Who ultimately sets the vision? Can I speak with them? Etc… From this you can make a plan that suits you.

If you are part of the solution, you are by definition not the problem. In what creative ways may you be able to participate in creating the outcome you desire?

May your life go well




The Root of Stress

Stress Pic

Stress manifests from one source and that is the maintenance of your story.

We each have a story of who we are.

You are not your story.

To complicate things you didn’t consciously create the story, much of the story you accepted from your family and the culture you grew up in without a thought. This is not wrong it is just how the self develops.

Stress develops when our story and reality diverge. The farther apart they are the greater the stress.

If we are successful at re-inventing our self as things change, life is fairly stress free. Most of us had a couple decades of career growth where this was true. We parlayed one story into the next, we were told and told everyone, we were growing. As the economy changed and corporate environment shifted, we found no motavation to re-invent ourselves in a direction we considered un-growth.

Our stories don’t accomodate being happy as the cheese guy at Whole Foods.

As an aside I chose this example because I know a guy who went from CEO to cheese guy and is quite happy.

Unknotting the psyche and psychology of the story and stressors is a long arguous process, it is much easier to just see through the whole story business. This allows the efforts you make to go toward moving forward on a new plan.

The goal of Corporate Rehab is to help you see through what is no longer serving you and empower you to write a new screen play where you lead the interesting and fulfilling life you desire.

May your life go well