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I could use your help on destinations and activities for upcoming trips. Please vote your interests at the bottom of this page.

Maui the Garden Isle

I lived here for 5 years and find it a great place to ponder life.

Bring your walking shoes and swim suit. The pic is from the balcony of the ocean front units we would stay in. The only thing between you and the ocean is the pool.

Amsterdam became my gateway to western Europe.

The museums are fabulous and the canaled city always interesting by day or night. A quaint 3-star hotel close to everything which has served me well would be our hub.


Paris / Chartres

Paris is another destination for lots of walking, museums and local color.

Chartres is located a short train ride south of Paris and the cathedral there is widely known for its labyrinth and black madonna. It is a very interesting place dating well back through Catholicism into Pagan times.


Wander about western Europe

By train or car Luxembourg, Koln, Ghent, Antwerp, Enscenade …  are all places I have come to find interesting. Quaint by american standards and off the beaten tourist path. The plan for this would be no plan, just a few reservations to get to.

Vegas Baby!

I find Vegas to be a great place to explore the human condition. Whether it is flagrant glitz and glamor, morality or homelessness that pushes your buttons it is all here within blocks. Most people never leave the strip, but there is much more to the city and area.


Which Destinations Interest you?



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