Transformational Travel

Its not the Destination it is the Journey

For many years I flew to Amsterdam, took a train to Leeuwarden, grabbed a bus to the Ferry Terminal, took the Ferry to Ameland and spent 10 days in the middle of January in the drizzling rain of the North Sea with 300 people that had become family, the milky way above and phosphorus brine shrimp below at night.

In hindsight, the majority of the memories are in the trip to and from. Inevitably small groups formed ad-hoc starting at airports and train stations, forming and deforming to find hotels with new formations at the usual restaurants and bars along the route. Ultimately, 2 or 3 large groups would be delivered on gathering day by the ferry.

Mishaps, missed legs of travel and chance meetings made up the stories of the first few days until we settled into the routine of retreat. Then the process would reverse with goodbyes.

We all knew that this was the retreat where we all grew in one way or another. Many life decisions were made there. But little of it was from the meditation or teachings, that was the container and the excuse to get quiet and reflect. Where everything was foreign and strange, our basic needs were supplied and we had our small chores; we could escape our usual patterns and see our lives more clearly.

This is the basis on which Transformational Travel is developed. I have a portfolio of practices from 20 years of the study of Human Development, Spiritual Intelligence and Zen, which can be utilized as needed. There is no fixed schedule, only a framework. We explore issues as you wish and as they come up along the way.