Untitled Poem

Departure declarations, Causation arrival
Omens noted not read

Palpable posture, The deck drops
Cards scatter

Surface calm, Trust in chaos
Assert and bluff

Calm attracts, Karma pervades
Blade dealt

Commitment calls, Now consumes
Duties comfort preservation

Other Teaching
Fragmented minds, Ubiquitous pain
No winners wins

Parting sorrows, Farewell calls
Space created

Collect call, Compassion rises
More for lesser

No mask now, This too
So obvious so missed

Light and Dark, Always pairs
Grateful Dread

The Ask
Destiny projected, In one in all
Single focus consumes

Intention cast, Quickly arranged
Imagination inadequate

Questions questions, No answers
Knock loudly for the deaf

Oh my, Karma turns
Obvious resolution

Asked, Delivered
Trust breathe trust

Encountering Tara
Open hearts, Minds seen
Blissful confusion springs forth

Courage to explore, Fear to discover
Parsing new realities

Intimacy, So raw the hurt
Timeless longing

Reality, Reality
Oh the vines of entanglement

Gifts given, Haunting gratitude

Going Going Gone
Desires bindings, Karma seen
The human condition

Radiating pain, Homing call
Annihilating all distraction

Motion soothes, The karmic course
Choose your captures wisely

Out of effort, Race complete

Gate, Gate
Para Gate

Dawn Breaks
Dark bathes, Awareness

Red thread asserts, Alone
True nature acts

Dark holds, Karma creeps
Relieved reluctance

One by one sorted, Endless possibilities
Wobbly notions

Trust, Loose ends call
Echo goes forth

Mandala, Turning words
Bias drops

Peek thru thin veils, Karmic swirl
Methods and costs

Choose or don’t, Moment by moment
One is just one

No score no clock, Game addiction
Affect effect

Mayhem, Mystery

Challenged, Playing God
30 blows

This again, Who am I
Who AM I

Taken flight, Gone again
Prevailing winds

Stones touch, Seeds cast
Karma delivers

Space to hold, Simple acts

Seen and Unseens, All are me
Path of no path

Work with what’s there, Possibilities all
See what I want

Form, Emptiness
Stepping back in

Come what will, Ever unfolding
Direction prevails

Intentions mix, Knowing not knowing
monk Eno